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Starting and Running a Family Child Care Program

Being a family child care provider can be a satisfying career. You can make a real difference in the lives of the children and parents you serve.

It is also a chance to own and run your own business. Many family child care providers start their business while they still have young children of their own and continue providing family child care long after their own children are grown.

If you are already providing childcare for two children and become registered with the CCRR Program your families may qualify for the increased child care subsidy rate.

 How To Become A Child Care Provider
Peachland, West Kelowna, Kelowna, Lake Country, Oyama

Phone to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Registered License not Required (RLNR). Some of the benefits and services are listed below.

CCRR Services: Benefits of becoming a RLNR:
  • Onsite email/telephone consultation ~ Start-up support
  • Training in: 
    - child development behaviour strategies health, safety and nutrition
    - working with families
  • Free Child Care Referrals to  your program
  • Higher Subsidy Rates
  • Low cost training
  • CCRR support
  • Child Care Operations Templates
  • Quality & Safe Child Care in your own home

Call for up coming dates

DATE:  Ongoing
LOCATION: Kelowna Child Care Society, #4-1890 Ambrosi Road, Kelowna

Please call or email 
250.762.3536 ext.205

















Operating a Family Child Care Program

License Not Required (LNR) You can care for two children or less that are not related to you. There is an exception when there is a family of more than two children. (For example: if there is a family with 4 siblings, you can care for all of the siblings) but you may not take any other children.  No regulations are met.

Registered License Not Required (RLNR)   Requirements for becoming a registered License Not Required (RLNR) Care Provider LINK Here  For more information on becoming registered with the CCRR program phone Alicia, CCRR Child Care Coordinator at 250-762-3536 Ext. 205.

Licensed Family Child Care (LFCC) and In-Home Multi-Age Child Care

  1. Applying for a Child Care License - LINK Here
  2. Child Care Provider and Licensee Resources  LINK Here
  3. Child Care Licensing Regulations LINK Here 
  4. Start-up Grants LINK Here
  5. Local Government Requirements: A Handbook for Child Care Providers
  6. Child Care Licensing Regulation Information Package
  7. Running a Daycare or Preschool in BC

Family Child Care Business Manual

The Family Child Care Business Manual   has been developed specifically for Licensed Family Child Care providers and License-Not-Required child care providers registered with a Child Care Resource and Referral (CCRR) program in British Columbia. This Manual provides an overview and practical information for the provision of quality family child care for both new and experienced family child care providers. We hope you will find it a valuable tool in your professional work.







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